Great Managers Flip Their Org Chart

Classic org chart

The upside-down organisation chart promotes the idea of growing strong enough to get behind and support others, rather than climbing up over them.

An example of this in practice is the Australian supermarket giant Coles, that instead of having a ‘Headquarters’, have a ‘Store Support Center’. Everyone’s job in the support center isn’t to control and direct the hundreds of stores, but rather to support the stores, so that each can then better support customers in their grocery shopping.

So, how does it work?

Am I doing it right?

Add a Product

Some time later your workload has increased and you have a great idea. Use tech to help support even more customers. And so you introduce a product into the market.

Add a Team

Ok, so your customers are really appreciating the support they’ve been receiving in helping to get their jobs done, and business is growing. You decide you need to hire a team!



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Scott Kitchell

Scott Kitchell


Software Engineer sharing my understandings of why people do the things that they do to stimulate more incredible products.